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January 3, 2016

Of Interest (3 January, 2016)

Links of interest for this fortnight or so (because last week I completely forgot).


Book Things:

Sandeep Parmar’s piece on race and poetry in the UK felt very close to home (I have almost nothing to do with poetry) and was a thing my heart needed this month.

Somewhat related (and I don’t know yet how I feel about this one, which is probably good); Amit Chaudhuri on literary success and the ‘Mehrotra campaign’.

And Mehrotra himself on Kipling’s 150th birth anniversary. What Mehrotra loves about Kipling is not what I love about Kipling, but it’s related.

Alexander Chee on merging libraries.

Kavita Bhanot on #diverse whatever gets at a lot of what makes me uncomfortable about how this conversation plays out.

Nilanjana Roy on the legacy of books from the USSR in India.

Roy again, this time on Sake Dean Mahomet, the first Indian to publish a book in English (and to successfully exoticise himself for English consumption).


Other Things:

(Why is the Great British Bake Off called the Great British Baking Show in America? I do not know, but) Tom Whyman reads the show as a reflection of postimperial Britain and it’s great.

Genevieve Valentine on Gods of Egypt, talking semen, other important things.

Everything about this report about a priest on a hoverboard is good–but my favourite may be Scroll’s choice of “Religious Gathering” for a heading.

Via Sofia Samatar, Safia Aidid on the history of Somalis in Britain.

On Okay Africa, the highlights of 2015 in African SF. (mostly not-books, but also books! I was torn over where to put this.)

JR (who is amazing and who I wish wrote more) on yelling at Trump and what followed.