Of Interest (20 December, 2015)

Unsorted and not that plentiful this week:

I’m not on Metafilter and so missed the extended discussion around emotional labour, that was set off by an article by Jess Zimmerman. It has now been condensed and compiled into a shareable document by Olivia K. Lima and Timid Robot Zehta and it’s quite spectacular. Via Lili Loofbourow.

This essay by Agri Ismail (via, it seems, half the internet) is stunning and probably the best thing you will read on this list (or anywhere) this week, even though the list contains several very good things.

This despite the fact that this was a week when we had a new Rebecca Solnit piece and it was very good.

“She had always wriggled against the restrictions of becoming good copy.” Nisha Susan on Josephine Tey and Elena Ferrante and literary romance.

Desiree Lewis on student activism in postcolonial Africa. Great for several reasons, not least for introducing me to the word “cyberpessimist”. Via Keguro Macharia.

Aman Sethi on the Vyapam scam.

Lots of complex, easily bruised feelings about this essay by Arabelle Sicardi. Beauty is Broken. Via Anannya Baruah.

Via Supriya Nair,  this story (by Jonathan Selvaraj) about Divya Kakran, a seventeen year old girl wrestling in the dangals.

Here are Silvia Boarini’s pictures of al-Araqib, a village demolished over and over again by Israel over the past few years.

Supriya Nair on India’s year of “dead and devastated journalists” in the Caravan, here.

Anita Roy on whales, which are magical. For Kate and Marie, and probably everyone else.

I think Hilda is lovely.



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