Of Interest (15 November, 2015)


Priyamvada Gopal on Edward Said and Humanism.

Poorna Swami interviews Annie Zaidi about her own writing, and about Unbound, her anthology of Indian women’s writing that I’ve been dipping in and out of for the last few months. (via Nilanjana Roy)

Jess Zimmerman on the history of ‘owning’ land on the moon.

As a Person With Fraught Feelings About My Languages (and a person who loves Ursula the Sea Witch), I liked this, by Sophia Al-Maria, on her own relationship with Arabic.

I have more complicated feelings about this piece by McKenzie Wark.

Keguro linked to this piece by Egbert Alejandro Martina, on the effects of caring, and it’s great and exactly what I needed at this moment to hang some of my own thinking on and I want to read (probably will end up reading) his whole blog.

Deepika Sarma on constructing a medieval aesthetic in some recent Telugu and Tamil historical/fantasy films.

I was at a recent discussion of Angela Carter’s work and spent much of it thinking something like “sure, but that’s not the best thing about her”. I’ve kept going back to her essay “Anger in a Black Landscape” this year and the whole of it seems to be reprinted here (towards the end of the page) and it’s vital and angry and astonishing.

Danila Tkachenko’s fascinating Restricted Areas series of photographs.

Fascinating writing on things about which I don’t know enough 1. Charles Tonderai Mudede on Djibril Diop Mambéty’s Hyènes. (via Africa’s a Country on twitter)

Fascinating writing about which I don’t know enough 2. andré carrington on Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet at 25. (via Phenderson Djeli Clark)

I can’t not link to Mervyn Peake things, so here’s Rob Maslen on Peake and trees.

Erin Horáková reads A. N. Wilson’s London; is unimpressed; the world is awash with glorious rage. (If you don’t already read Erin you should; this piece says some really smart, important things about Britain’s national mythmaking, and it’s also hilarious.)

This piece by Rishi Majumder on intolerance as culture vs intolerance as incident, Savarkar, and conversations on trains. The title is a lot kinder in its assumptions than I’m capable of being.

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