October Reading

Books I finished in October:

Uday Prakash (trans. Jason Grunebaum), The Girl with the Golden Parasol: I wrote about this for a column, and then added a whole bunch of gushing about all the columns I didn’t write here. It’s a good book, Prakash is a wonderful writer, Grunebaum’s a good translator.


Only one book, though.

I’m reading (slowly) W.E.B. Dubois’s Dark Princess, which is reminding me of his genius at nonfiction if it’s not doing much for my opinion of his fiction, Celeste Rita Baker’s Back, Belly and Side, and Dale Jamieson and Bonnie Nadzam’s Love in the Anthropocene, along with (theoretically) the other books I said I was reading a couple of monthly round-up posts ago (except in practice I haven’t touched them). I’m hoping to spend Christmas reading under a blanket and maybe getting through some of the TBR pile, if I’m not working. On current form, I expect instead to spend the whole time staring blankly into space.


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