June Reading

June was not a good month.  I started many books and did not finish them; my house and body broke; I did not have room in my head for reading.



Arthur C. Clarke, Rendezvous With Rama: I hadn’t read this since my teens, when I dutifully read my way through (part of) the SF canon. I’d forgotten almost everything about it except the rather clumsy “we are now referring to a historical parallel!” moments that felt like they must be directed at an audience that existed in the book’s present, since surely a 1970s one couldn’t be that spectacularly ignorant of the last couple of centuries’ history. I’d forgotten (or not realised) how dry it was, in the best of ways. I reread it for this, and this time I liked it a lot.

Frances Hardinge, Cuckoo Song: This was very, very good and I wrote about it here.

Sally Gardner and David Roberts, Tinder: This was quite good and I wrote about it at the link above.


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