Poets use soap too

While we’re still (sort of) on the subject of William McGonagall. The thing I find most disappointing about this advertisement for Godrej soap featuring Rabindranath Tagore (via Oculus on Twitter) is how dull it is. I mean, you’re a well-known poet and playwright, a Nobel laureate, surely your selling out ought to be more spectacular than this?

Compare Tagore to McGonagall, who was committed enough to not only write a five-verse poem about his soap of choice, but to (free of charge, one assumes) compose his further correspondence with the company in verse as well. I know whose work ethic I’d pick.


2 Comments to “Poets use soap too”

  1. hahaha! I do hope you favor Tagore’s work ethic more, because surely bland ad copy by an already hugely successful poet historically makes for better doggerel-as-art than the high strung competence of a down on his luck Victorian striver.

    I know that’s the work ethic I want – some nameless drone blurbing copy on my behalf, so I can make bank. :]

    • He could at least have risen to a limerick! I’d rather work with McGonagall; someone has to pick up the slack if I’m to get away with lazing around. :)

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