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I have a short review of Suniti Namjoshi’s The Fabulous Feminist in today’s Hindustan Times. This book made me quite gleefully happy while I was reading it–I’d only read scraps of Namjoshi’s work in the past, and it’s strong and nuanced and funny in ways I was unprepared for. I do complain a bit in the review about Namjoshi seemingly editing a “reader” of her own body of work, but the result of this is also that we get her introductory essays, which are often charming. I’ll be posting the review here tomorrow, but for now, a couple of quotes.


(On writing “The One-eyed Monkey Goes into Print”)

…Women in Publishing in London asked me to speak briefly about my experience of getting published. The other two speakers were Angela Carter and Michèle Roberts, who were far better known than I was. I had the distinct feeling that I was supposed to say something about discrimination against Third World women writers. It was embarrassing. So I thought my way out of it by writing a fable. I suppose that too is how fables get written.


(On writing Goja)

First, there was my guilt. What was the point in expressing my guilt? At best it seemed like tedious self-indulgence and at worst like false self-exoneration. Besides, I had seen the silly side of the process when I had had to listen to feminists in the west apologising for being more ‘privileged’ than I was. It was sad too to see that the ‘fact’ of their privilege made them unconsciously straighten their shoulders and feel better about themselves. If one feels guilty about being relatively rich in a country in which poverty abounds, then surely the thing to do is give away one’s money and shut up?




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