A friend (@mycrotchetyluv on twitter)  posted this picture a few days ago. I blinked when I saw it.



Newspaper caption: Woman buys Renoir worth ₹50 lakh at flea market for ₹ 350. Virginia resident was planning to throw away the painting and keep the frame.


I’m typing this on a laptop (it’s a Dell) bought in India a couple of years ago. My keyboard doesn’t have a ₹ sign; I don’t know if that’s something that future laptops sold in this country will have. It hasn’t been a bother to me thus far. My last laptop was bought in Ireland and had both € and £ signs. It did not have the $ sign but that felt more like a minor rebellion than an inconvenience.

Longitude is measured from Greenwich, north is the top of the map, the value of famous paintings is described in currencies other than my own (unless they’re bought in India or by Indian artists and sometimes not even then). We’ve only had a rupee sign a couple of years. Have Indian companies that manufacture laptops/computer keyboards started to include a ₹ key yet?

Either way, I wasn’t expecting to be so disoriented when I saw it in this context. It is good to have a ₹ sign.

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