Shiny things that people might like to own

While at Comic Con India (distinguished from all other comics conventions by being a place where you can also buy saris, momos and kahwa) I found myself joining Deepa D in an attempt to find exciting things to auction for Con or Bust - a venture fraught with peril as we negotiated small children singing the Chhota Bheem theme song, a Superman who had neglected to wear underpants either underneath or on top of his costume, and the like.


Deepa has posted to the community with all the loot thus obtained. Here is a collection of comics and graphic novels – for those of you who know him, the lettering for Auto Pilot was done by Aditya Bidikar.

But the lovely people at Blaft provided these copies of the hilarious Kumari Loves a Monster. And (I may have screamed a little) this amazing, beautiful thing.


Other exciting objects related to science fiction and the world outside the UK and the USA – the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards are having a fund drive, and they have a bunch of very shiny books as prizes. The list is here.

4 Comments to “Shiny things that people might like to own”

  1. I hope you really did say, ‘what ho.’

  2. Tis true, I am a lying liar who lies. Blaft will eventually sue me for calling them batsari wearing robot slaves of mangakas and demand back all their shinies. Woe.

    • I prefer the version of me on your blog I think. I sound very eloquent, where IRL I was probably just saying “no. no, not to be stealing. bad.” Or something.

      I cannot imagine wanting to sue someone who called me a Batsari-wearing robot slave of a mangaka.

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