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July 10, 2011

Peake links

I’ll have a couple of longer pieces up in a few days. For now, though, here are some links to other Peake-ish things:


A wonderful tribute in The Guardian, with contributions from China Miéville, Michael Moorcock, Hilary Spurling and AL Kennedy.

John Holbo at Crooked Timber initiates a discussion on Peake. He also pinpoints one of the things I like about Titus Alone; the genre-bending aspect of it “Like if spaceships had shown up in “The Return of the King”.”

Last year, Paul Charles Smith did a good, in depth reading of the series over the course of six posts. Those are all located here.

Nandini Ramchandran commemorated Peake’s birth centenary on her First Post blog, where she suggested that Peake’s training as an artist and vocation as a poet were what made him brilliant.

An older review, by Adam Roberts, of Peake’s collected poems can be found at Strange Horizons here.

And musically, there’s The Cure’s “The Drowning Man“, which was inspired by Gormenghast.  I’d also link to The Strawbs’ “Lady Fuchsia” (and why are they all exclusively fixated on Fuchsia?), but youtube tells me it’s not available in my country.


Next: a “Why you should read Peake” post? A “what is wrong but also what is right with the BBC adaptation” post?


[Links to things I haven't yet read are welcome - tell me in the comments or over email (aishwarya at practicallymarzipan dot com) and I will add them to the post.]