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September 24, 2009

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From the index of A Social History of Education in England by John Lawson and Harold Silver:

Women: education of (later medieval), 65; forbidden to read the Bible (1543), 85; teach petty schools, 113; literacy of, 193, 259; entitled to vote and stand for election for school boards, 318; percentage of, among elementary school teachers, 388; degrees for, 343, 403; votes for, 404; see also nunneries

September 14, 2009

Via various people, I love this ad.

September 10, 2009

cfs and a bit of useful information

So, Crossed Genres has an upcoming LGBTQ themed edition, and they’re currently calling for submissions. This is the ad:

Unfortunately, Flash Fiction Online have chosen not to run this ad because it is “sexually themed” (because, the editor clarifies, “GLBTQ issues are inextricably linked to sex”). I mention this because it’s useful to writers of queer fiction to know where they are and are not likely to be accepted.

In the meantime, Crossed Genres are still calling for submissions. And they clearly are queer-fiction-friendly.

EDIT: Submissions are closed.