Dear Marat Safin

Look at you. You’re awesome.

Why, then, must you make supporting you so hard? Seriously, yesterday’s match? What *woundikins* was that? (And Levine was brilliant, and I’m glad for him and all, but ffs)

6 Comments to “Dear Marat Safin”

  1. I know! I was so hoping he'd kick Murray's butt if they got to the fourth round.

  2. ??! – I've been trying for many months to mask the extent to which Murray bores me. I hope someone kicks his butt, if not Marat.

  3. Totally true!

    He is Hot!Nice pics!

  4. Mmmmmm. Really hot. :)

    I don't watch tennis… I think I miss out on a lot of hot guys this way. :(

  5. Shraddha – Thanks!

    Sumedha – This is easily remedied. Watch some tennis!

  6. :D
    and one does so miss the pretties.
    meetmemeetmemeetmeplijjjjjjj!!!! one is up working at 3 in the morning. you can imagine the rest.

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