Save The Words

Following the advice of Sara O’Leary, I have adopted a family of five words from Save The Words. I have pledged to use these words as much as possible in conversation and correspondence (and, presumably, blogging).

These are my words, and I think they’re all wonderful.

Roomthily: spatially, with respect to space.
This roomthily hall can easily accommodate fifty adults, or a hundred; if the other fifty don’t mind piggybacking.

Sinapistic: consisting of mustard.
He was a little too fond of his condiments and insisted on bathing in a sinapistic sauce.

Redamancy: act of loving in return.
The cat continued to leave dead rodents on the doormat, never expecting any redamancy from her master.

Murklins: in the dark.
The one-eyed cat pounced murklins and somehow managed to swallow a lump of coal.

Woundikins: mild profanity.
She wouldn’t tolerate woundikins, so little Jimmy’s cry of “poopydrawers” soon upset the young kindergarten teacher.

The English language is the first one I learned to speak and the one I write and (mostly) read in. And it is a joy and a privilege to work with a language that contains words like frutescent (having or approaching the habit or appearance of a shrub) or gaudiloquent (speaking joyfully or on joyful matters) or vultuous (having a sad or solemn expression) and, magnificently, ficulnean (an adjective meaning “worthless information regarding fig-tree wood”). However rarely I am likely to use these words it is comforting to know that they exist, and I’d like to believe they always will.

2 Comments to “Save The Words”

  1. Oh my god, those are AMAZING words. I'm already trying to construct scenarios in which I can casually drop them in conversation.

    I'm thinking murklins may be the easiest (plausible context + easy to remember), but I'd really, really enjoy an opportunity to use frutescent.

  2. is there something wrong with the website? because isn’t working anymore…?

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