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April 4, 2009

Homesickness (or the Return of Project Objectify)

I miss cricket. I miss watching it at home, hearing other people’s radios talking about it, going out and seeing it as the default on restaurant TVs.

On Friday morning on my way to college the bus stopped at a red light near a school. Kids in blue and white uniforms were playing cricket in the grounds, and I noticed the man sitting in front of me watching and grinning. It was actually really tempting to grab his shoulder and demand to know why he was smiling and did he like cricket and did he play. I did none of these – it’s alarming to be grabbed by random strangers on the bus.

Lack of television, etc. have not blinded me, however, to something I noticed over the Christmas holidays while I was staying with family who did have TV.

J.P Duminy. Pretty.


Also, A.B de Villiers. I cannot imagine why I have paid such little attention to South African cricket.

(Edit: Blogger is still running on Delhi time, and I’m quite a few time zones behind it. I wrote this on the evening of the 4th!)