However flippant I may have sounded in the column yesterday, I am furious at the thought that I could go out for a leisurely drink and chat with friends and be dragged out and physically assaulted by random religious lunatics who think that my drinking with friends is more damaging to Our Culture than them beating me up. UltraViolet has a joint statement up that’s worth a read. Otherwise, there isn’t really much to say, is there? It’s disgusting.

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  1. Leave all those feminist thoughts and take the incident on a +ve note based on the health. “Consuming alcohol is bad for health”

  2. Hi! Please to fuck off.

    My mother is allowed to worry about the state of my health. Random strangers are not.

  3. woohoo! it is disgusting. in the league of “you had it coming, you were dressed in jeans”. horrible.

  4. column? link? please :)

  5. Hi Aishwarya…great blog!! hitting the nail right on the head..
    I will like to introduce you to a network called

    It is a citizen journalist website for delhi youth!!

    Please become a member and contribute


  6. Freeze-dried – Clearly it’s the women’s fault. I mean, if they didn’t exist in the first place the poor men wouldn’t have to go out and beat them.

    Lytse – Here, but it’s kind of shit.

    Ankit – Thanks

  7. heh. you are right. How dare I!
    I should be subject to a thousand whiplashes for even existing.
    oh woe is me!
    getting right to that then.

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