One of the books I bought in Calcutta was Thomas Frederick Crane’s Italian Popular Tales, edited by Jack Zipes. I’ve been reading it in a very scrappy fashion. The first story in the book is a variation of sorts on the Cupid and Psychemyth. It’s from Sicily and is titled “The King of Love”. For those of you who don’t know the story, Psyche is married to a mysterious man who only comes to her at night; she’s curious about what he looks like (or made curious by her sisters, depending on what version of the story you read); she takes a lamp into the room at night, finds hot nekkid Cupid, manages to drop burning oil/wax onto him and thus wake him up; he disappears and she has to face much torture by Venus before she can achieve marital bliss.In the Sicilian story, the King of Love (he disappears when Rosella, the heroine of this story finds out his name) first appears in the form of a green bird. In my head, I picture him as one of the bright green parakeets (that everyone calls parrots – as far as I know there are no parrots in India. They also refer to that bright colour as “parrot green”.)

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The Hindu god of love, Kamadeva, is said to travel around on a parrot. I assume this too means a parakeet – certainly all the pictures of him I can find seem to have interpreted it that way:

I find this a strange coincidence, this intersection of love gods and green parrots-that-aren’t-parrots. I suspect I only blogged about it, though, so I could make the horrendous pun in the title.

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  1. shortly after this was posted:

    anannya: parrot is god
    god is louve

    Aishwarya: no. god is on top of parrot. unless you are sicilian

    oh fuck

    anannya: what?

    Aishwarya: mafia is from sicily

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