One of the strangest football quotes I’ve seen in a while:

He is strong. He is like a Dinosaur and scores with the precision of chameleon when he targets his victim. I have followed him from his days in Israel and he has not disappointed me with his Yak-like behaviour.

(Thanks, Shreyas)

6 Comments to “Menagerie”

  1. Looks like we have an animagus here.

  2. Nothing to do with football but – I’ve read your blog before and just saw you liked Jeanette Winterson and got excited. She’s one of my favourite authors and gave a wonderful opening address at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. Oratorical fireworks. Maybe there’s a transcript available somewhere on the internet – if so, have a read!


  3. Will Yakubu find a place in Man-U next season?

  4. What’s yak like behaviour?
    Also have changed my url

  5. lolz….cool!

  6. Lekhni – Looks like it, doesn’t it.

    Surly girl – Hello!

    Sheks – …or will Rio migrate to Nigeria because England are rubbish? Who can tell?

    MumbaiGirl – Updated blogroll. And I know very little about yaks. Or chameleons and dinosaurs.

    Harry – thanks

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