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June 9, 2008

Noteworthy things

Stuff that will inform, entertain, and is generally worthy of your time:

Thene on power and violence and videogames and wish fulfillment and other such things.

An injured creature of the wild. Science comes to the rescue! A great picture is taken! This is seriously cool.

ArabComment’s posts on
Muslim Women are worth a read. Also GlobalComment’s fiction page, which features a rather good pirate story by Chloe Bradshaw who is 13. I suspect that when I was 13 I was reading Sweet Valley High.

The most recent
carnival of children’s literature.

Lily Allen’s marvellous decapitated bambi dress. I have shoes that would go far better with this than the ones she has on. But still.

Netherlands 3 – 0 Italy. Wha? I love the Dutch; I really do, but I’m used to regarding them as something of a lost cause.

Psychologists worry that Savita Bhabhi’s very existence threatens family values. (Via Aadisht on GTalk).

Terry Pratchett has found God. This is alarming.

I leave you with some Cute.
more cat pictures