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June 7, 2008

Some football

I realise I have been ignoring the French Open on this blog – possibly because I outdid myself at Wimbledon. But Euro 2008 has just started, and this is an entirely good thing. Tonight I watched Portugal v Turkey with the family. Mum was appreciative of a number of young Portugese players (particularly Nuno Gomes. I’m not sure why; only once have mum and I shared a crush on a sportsperson*), Dad was wholeheartedly abusing Turkey for failing to score, and I was gawking at the Turkish keeper, Volkan Demirel. Here’s why:

Certain excellent people have declared this Female Sexual Desire Week, and while I have utterly failed to take full advantage of it and use the time for sports objectification, others have. Purtek has a great post-Stanley Cup edition up. It pleases me. I hope it pleases you too.
Also, go and grin in a dazed fashion at the alarmingly gorgeous Roberto Donadoni. (Thanks, Ros)

*Jason Gillespie