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I’ve been vegetating since I came home. I have a couple of posts lined up (one of them Sporadic Blogger keeps nagging me about) but am nowhere close to actually writing them.

So until I can return to SRS BLOGGER mode, here are some pictures from Calcutta. As is probably obvious, I like taking pictures of things with words on them. I miss Calcutta. It never failed to entertain.

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  1. Heh. I’ve seen Amar Chitra Kathas placed in the “graphic novel” sections of bookstores quite a few times.

  2. Please tell me that was a Crossword. That chain has become so lame.

    Can you imagine Alan Moore walking into that store, noticing the display, and going all ballistic on them, with his beard flying all over the place? Would be priceless.

  3. :) Wish someone had added a comma between the Sex and the Education!

  4. The best graphic novel section I’ve seen (in India) was at Landmark in Andheri, Mumbai. It wasn’t just a flash in the pan either*, with new books seen on consecutive visits, and even some kind soul placing Watchmen and 300 out in the front near the entrance next to other books of current mainstream interest and new releases.

    *(i.e. where they stock graphic novels and comics once, and then those same books are on the shelves forever. I swear, Crossword Mumbai is still trying to fob off Image comics from the early 90s — at the same price!)

    The selection was quite mainstream — by now I think we can safely say that Sandman trades are mainstream — superhero stuff, Vertigo, and some manga, but they did have the odd book that I’d never heard of.

    All iterations of Crossword have the ubiquitous shelf of A.C.K., Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha (but never every volume), the two or three OGNs that Indians have made (and now that Persepolis has hit, watch out for the deluge of young female coming-of-age graphic novels), but not much else.

    The price and general exotic nature is probably the main stumbling block, as is our comics = bad mentality. Still, it’s a start.

  5. Those pictures did make me smile…it’s nice to see Cal isn’t all big-mall hell :).
    Landmark’s selection of graphic novels can be decent by times (I found xxxHolic there once, too much of a thrill).
    I saw this chapter in a book on comic art from all over the world, that basically used Amar Chitra Katha as the definition of what Indian comics looked like. I kind of wish they’d made a mention of the old Tinkle comics, though- I liked those better.

  6. J’wock – Well if you think about it, considering there are a number of people who consider the term ‘graphic novel’ elitist and silly and demand that they be called comics, I suppose this is logical.

    smokin joe – :-) to you too.

    ??! – Starmark, sorry. If you want amusing Crossword pics I’ll take them in Bangalore next week.
    (Also, this image pleases me)

    Vidya – You may have hit upon the only thing that could possibly make it funnier!

    Vishal – I have not been to the Andheri Landmark. In fact the only book shopping I have ever done in Bombay was to buy a secondhand copy of a collection of M John Harrison short stories. I must on my next trip there.

    BFH – Calcutta really has very few malls, for the level of fuss about them its residents make.
    Do you remember what the book was called?

  7. total shit, doesnt show anywhere that why you are a blogger.. please lear what is a blog

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