Interesting things to do with hair

I really like what the woman in this ad (the pilot) has done with her hair. The PL, tragically, disagrees. Still, I’d quite like to do it myself. But what exactly is it? It’s up, so a bun of some sort…and plaits are involved. I am confused. Instruct me.

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  1. ok, all i know is that the woman features in doli saja ke rakhna.
    *REALLY need to stop watching tv when mom does*

  2. Seriously? It looks tremendously unflattering. And the bun + braids = epic fail. Your hair is too pretty to be fussed up like that, anyway.

  3. oho! the punkster’s made a little foray out of her hibernation. Well done, Aishwarya.

    also, agree with her – that look is quite horrible.

  4. Nidhi – Luckily my mother only ever watches sports. :)

    Megha – Aww. Also, boo. No one is on my side.

    ??! – Bah.

  5. It’d work if you were wearing something as sharp as the pilot suit, it’s rather cool with that (mild tones of Princess Leia there), but it really depends on the outfit to not make it all look frumpy (though I shouldn’t talk- I’ve been wearing my hair in Heidi plaits since March).

  6. Figure of 8! It’s called a ‘figure of 8′. The things 3 years in the NCC 7 Delhi Girls Battalion teaches one :)

    It’s two plaits – country girl style, but tight and done all the way to the bottom, twisted around each other like an 8, and secured with those U-shaped ‘jooda pins’ and sometimes, a jooda net. That’s what women police personnel with long hair do, too.

    It really doesn’t look good with anything that doesn’t involve a uniform/ceremonial cap, really. And nothing else looks good with those caps.

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