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March 29, 2008

Age appropriate reading

In my last year of school there was a child in class one who would sit at the front of the school bus and read. He lived near me and ours was the last stop in the afternoons, and once when his mother couldn’t come to pick him up I’d offered to take him home. He refused and walked on ahead of me in a very dignified manner so I followed behind and looked like I had nothing to do with him till I’d seen him safely inside his house. But yes. So he was six years old, and I never asked what he was reading but once someone else did and it was a Famous Five book. Which didn’t seem (to me) particularly startling reading for a six year old, but it did to a group of slightly older children who grabbed the book out of his hands and demanded that he tell them the meaning of a few randomly selected multisyllabic words till he’d “proved” to their satisfaction that he was in fact capable of reading the book. Because they hadn’t been able to read those books when they were six. He told them the meanings of the words in an appropriately dignified manner and returned to his book. I liked that kid.