A plea for better understanding

Readers of this blog will know that I am strongly in support of 1.Noble academic endeavour and 2.Greater communication across cultures. These guys appear with their project to be doing both. I know a lot of you speak multiple languages and I thought I should send ou over there to contribute.

8 Comments to “A plea for better understanding”

  1. see david ives’s ‘Variations on the Death of Trotsky’ from ‘All In The Timing’. There actually is an axe in his head…

  2. Oh wow…good stuff!!

  3. Hehe I went and registered in the forum and submitted the translation of the following statement in my own mother tongue Mizo :-) Lets see if that gets registered, lolz. Thanx for the notification Ash.

  4. Hahahaha, for a languages maniac like me, that link is heaven. I just sent an email with a Punjabi translation of the phrae. :P

  5. Jyotika – Hah! Thanks!

    Kriti – glad you enjoyed it.

    Kima – You’re welcome…I couldn’t contribute anything myself, and I was hoping someone who read this would be able to. What is the Mizo translation?

    Drenched – So how do you say it in Punjabi? :)

  6. hehe the Mizo translation is “Aw ka Pathian, ka lu ah hrei a awm” lolz. That sounds funny even to me :-) It’s not updated yet, and I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t be updated because the last update on that site was on 15th spetember 2005. lolz! :-)

  7. nice one

  8. JP–hah! yes! was just thinking of that Ives piece…

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