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February 4, 2008

In which I am a bad influence on those around me

Moving to Calcutta has done nothing to improve the situation referred to here. Not only have my sleeping hours crept further into the morning (I went to bed at 10am yesterday), but I have proved a corruptive force, converting my unfortunate flatmate to similar antisocial nightowlery.

A conversation (on GTalk because she’s in the other room) from about 10 minutes ago, at 5:30 –

Sups: so i have decided not to sleep
i’ll pfaff until 6, make some really strong tea, and … not sleep

Aishwarya: I’m not sure either of us has a choice
yes, this is a good plan

Sups: what shall i do to stave off sleep for the rest of the day?

Aishwarya: filter coffee?

Sups: morning walk.
then. cooking.

Aishwarya: or. actually. tell you what.

Sups: then. bath.

Aishwarya: when we are sleepy
one of us can sleep

Sups: and filter coffee

Aishwarya: while the other stands guard

Sups: maybe an afternoon nap.

Aishwarya: and wakes them up after a couple of hours
this will work. I think.

Sups: lolgaurd
ya, i like this idea
the bottomline being
at 5pm we should be awake tomorrow

Aishwarya: yes
only 11.5 hours to go!

Sups: of which we can spend at least TWO APIECE asleep

Well at least there is filter coffee.