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February 1, 2008


Steph from Crooked House recently tagged me for this meme in which I am expected to share six random things/habits/facts about myself. So here you are, six things you probably never wanted to know about me:

1. I was born here. So was Derek Walcott. I am oddly proud of this.

2. I am (perhaps excessively) concerned about the size of my nostrils. I’m not sure why this is, and there are plenty of more noticeable things about my body I could whine about, but really. My nostrils. They’re just wrong.

3. Like most frustrated writer types, I have a muse. He looks like a younger (and clean shaven – think Stage Beauty) Billy Crudup, with even more interesting angles to his face. Tragically, he only speaks welsh. I bought myself a Teach Yourself Welsh book back in September so that I could commune with him, but only got as far as learning how to pronounce the “Ll”. Someday. For now, I’m just happy to watch him prance around my room in a little loincloth when I require him to.

4. Up until I was nine, I learned three different dance forms. Including ballet, which is a source of much amusement to my friends. Then I stopped. At parties, I stand in a corner with a drink and make scintillating conversation instead.

5. The thing I miss most about home is the bookshelves. I feel this overwhelming urge to pick up a book and read a few lines that jump out at me, be reminded of something else in another book, and so pace the room for a few hours till about 20 books are open on the bed.There are only 25 books in this room in Calcutta, and I’m reading and remembering everything I should have brought with me. I miss my complete Blake most.

6. I own three pairs of pink shoes. I’m open to the possibility of acquiring more.

I am cruel, so I will tag Teleute, the Jabberjee, Bhavya, the Flatmate, Dan and Aadisht.