In which the scope of Project: Objectify is widened

About a month ago, Swatie asked me why project:objectify limited itself to only sportspeople, when it would be equally efficient to objectify pretty much any famous attractive male. she had a point, of course, and I will soon be doing a special, politician-objectifying post. I do plan to stick to sportspersons though, mainly because there’s more raw material to work with (actors don’t count).

But women don’t necessarily need to be famous for an unnecessary emphasis to be placed on their looks in whatever career they choose. Most women aren’t. And while I am not likely to objectify men-who-aren’t-famous here (because why would any of you care?) it would be nice to know someone was doing it.

So my joy when Shreyas linked me to this knew no bounds.

Peter Burkill, a British Airways pilot, seems to have prevented a crash landing from turning into an utter disaster. This is good. But far more relevant is this, from his neighbour, one Valerie Firminger:

She said: “He’s absolutely gorgeous. He’s all you imagine an airline pilot to be. He’s very good looking, very calm.

I propose that Mrs Firminger be made an honourary member. Effective immediately.

8 Comments to “In which the scope of Project: Objectify is widened”

  1. Totally agree. In fact, I protest the underrepresentation of academia in Project Objectify. I demand a series on hot professors.

  2. Falstaff – I just spent the last three years lusting after hot academic people. Plus, of the few attractive famous ones I can think of, two are dead. One is gay, but that is irrelevant when one is objectifying. Perhaps I should do an Alan Sinfield post.

  3. Aishwarya, you are good, kind, wise, and all those other lovely things one is supposed to be. :D

    Oh, and I absolutely agree about Sinfield!

  4. The British Air Line Pilots Association (Balpa) said Mr Burkill and his co-pilots went for a curry on the night of the crash in an attempt to “return to normality”.



  5. poets. i demand hot male poets. photos that actually make ‘em look like the rock stars they think they are.

  6. Swatie – You do? Back when I was in college (grin) the Dollimore fans far outnumbered the Sinfield fans. One felt like getting up on desks and screaming. “Do you people not recognise the sexy when you see it?”

    Jabberjee – curry is from the Mystic East. It is a miracle cure.

    Spacebar – I’m not enough of a poet-fangirl to do it enough justice, I fear. Apart from gush about the crush on Byron I had in class 8. Would you do it instead?

  7. But can it cure dandruff?


  8. Ah, the Big Sinfield-Dollimore Debate, I see. For my part, I think it is better if such monogamous type questions are simply avoided.

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