At the risk of (oh noes!) being seen as politically correct…

…I find it terribly annoying that a number of people from on my facebook friends list have added an application called “what mental disorder do you have?”. I know this because every time I open the site I find invitations to add this thing. I have ignored them.

These are mostly people I went to college with (one of them is a teacher, even) who would during class have instances of this sort of thing pointed out in the context of, say, race. Or class, or gender. And they’d gasp and look all horrified at how people could possibly be so insensitive and blinded by their own privelege and so on and so forth.

Morons. One is surrounded by them.

10 Comments to “At the risk of (oh noes!) being seen as politically correct…”

  1. Well, it does look a bit different to those of us who don’t need to take the damn quiz to know the answer.

  2. Well, I added it, except it refuses to function at the moment.

    Why do you have a problem with it?

  3. Dan – Heh. Exactly.

    Koyel – Read Dan’s comment above. Some people (including, by the way, people on my friends list who are probably on yours too) have to cope with actual, serious mental illnesses. To them, this sort of jokey test (“haha you’re, like, so totally schizophrenic”) is probably slightly less amusing than it is to you.

    Here’s the thing – do you have trouble with the use of the word “gay” as a perjorative? If so, does the use of the word “retard” as a perjorative (or for mockery) affect you in the same way? I think it’s become far too easy to be able to trivialise mental illness and turn it into something to mock, and I expect people who would be against this sort of thing in other contexts to be able to catch themselves out at it here. Evidently they are unable to do this, which makes me rather sad.

  4. Oh, wow.

    As someone who has a real, actual, serious mental illness – I can only echo your opinions and add a “Goddammit, ew.”

  5. I have a problem with the word ‘retard’,period.

    I do not agree with you on this. I don’t feel I am mocking a serious mental disease by having such an application and being ‘judged’ by it any more than I feel people mock the visually and hearing impaired by the phrases ‘Are you blind!’ and ‘Are you deaf!’
    The reason I would add such an application is because I believe everybody has certain aspects of things like schizophrenia, though the degree obviously would differ.

  6. Koyel – Sigh. I guess I can only point you to dan and nenena’s comments and add that those of us who do not have mental illnesses aren’t the ones who get to decide what should/should not be offensive to those of us who do. did you agree with my Privelege post from a few weeks ago?

  7. Yes I did. My head, however, tells me that casting an-explicit-verbal slur on a caste in a song is different from adding a ‘what is your mental illness’ application. I could be wrong, and the two comments would indicate that I am, and I do not mean any offense to dan l-k or nenena or anybody else who takes your position.

    I guess I need to think about this more. Your approach seems to be the one where the only valid voice/opinion about an issue can come from one who had experienced it from one side of the fence. I’m not too sure about this because one can use this argument to say that the only ones who can write about apartheid are the Black people who felt its oppression. Can only Sikhs talk about 1984? And if so, how far can one take this line of argument/thought.
    I need to think about whether, in cases like this, it is acceptable to have two ‘right’ opinions. Till then, I shall leave off adding the application :)

  8. Sporadicblogger –

    The issue is, this quiz isn’t the same thing as a discussion or a debate. It’s a “funny” joke quiz. And it mocks mental illness as the punchline for a joke.

    to say that the only ones who can write about apartheid are the Black people who felt its oppression.

    There’s a difference between “writing about apartheid” and “telling a tasteless joke about apartheid.” Same for mental illnesses.

  9. Ok, a bit late, but my 2 bits of opinion on the issue of freedom of speech:

    At what point do you say that words become tasteless? offensive?

    “You are not allowed to criticise my religion because it offends my sensibilities”

    “You are not allowed to crack jokes about some sickness because it offends my sensibilities”

    When does your sensitivity override my right to free speech?

  10. Ha, thought someone had blogged on this one. Today, I got a request for a photoquiz that said Female or Shemale( a word uniformly considered derogatory unless used by insiders in a community). And then this mental illness quiz.
    And so some of us over-react by clicking on that ignore button :(

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