Some months ago, I’d posted about some of the delicious male tennis players to be seen at Wimbledon. One of those mentioned was Pakistan’s Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi. Sadly, at that point in time (July) there were very few pictures of Qureshi available online, and none that I felt did him justice.

But this is the internet, and things change quickly, and there are now multiple pages of pictures of him. Some of them are very flattering. And so, finally, here he is.

6 Comments to “Addendum”

  1. “Feminist, occasional fangirl, and maker of fine omelettes since 1985.”

    For a person who is a self proclaimed feminist as per your “about me”, you do an aweful lot of male drooling.. :P

  2. Oh my! :)

    Glad I came to visit today!

  3. I can almost ignore his ghastly unibrow-ness. Almost.

  4. abdul bijur v.a – I suggest you look up the definition of “feminist”. Then, look up “lesbian”. I suspect you may be confusing the two. Amazingly, feminists are often able to feel attracted towards beautiful men.

    Daisy – glad you approve!

    Megha – I did not even notice the unibrow.

  5. hey. check out pictures of aussie bowler. mitchell johnson. i saw him on tv the other day…n my bro was so happy i was watchin cricket. but only i knew the reason i watched the match for the next 10 min. though now i that i googled his images..he doesnt look as good as he did tht day on tv.

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