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March 30, 2011

About books about books

I planned to read more Russians this year, and I’m still hoping it will happen. But a number of other factors (including a larger project that I seem to have let myself in for) have coincided to make sure that my reading thus far has had a different theme – that of books about books. I’m not counting literary criticism here (since that is necessarily about books) but I’m thinking of characters in books who read and think about what they read. So far this year these books have included Jo Walton’s Among Others, Diana Wynne Jones’ Fire and Hemlock, Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me, and Francis Spufford’s The Child That Books Built. I’ve also read the most recent Karen Joy Fowler collection and Charles Yu’s How To Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, both of which engage with other works of fiction though not as directly. I’ll certainly soon be rereading Junot Diaz’ The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and Antonia Forest’s The Ready-Made Family. I might even reread Northanger Abbey, since I haven’t visited it in a few years.

But: what next? What am I missing that has a protagonist’s reading as a major part of its plot? I need recommendations, internet.
April 2, 2009


1. I have decided to join Blog Every Day April because, well, it’ll force me to blog every day. This is the second day, and I really should have something better to post than an announcement that I will be blogging every day. But I have a deadline to meet tomorrow and this is the best I can do. But I promise that later posts will contain pictures. Some may even be illustrated.

2. In order to help with 1., and because everyone else seems to be putting fiction on their blogs, I have decided to write a series of short fiction based on my search terms. Feel free to leave some of your more interesting blog search terms in the comments, and I’ll have a go at those too. (Also, feel free to join in!)

August 15, 2005

New policy regarding comments

(Yes, I realise this is common sense and most of you get it.)

Comment moderation has been enabled on this blog as the result of a few alarming experiences with threatening comments a while back. I generally approve of comments as soon as I see them. If you’ve left a comment and it hasn’t been approved, it might be for any of these reasons.

  1. I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve been offline or blogger has failed at email notifications (in which case I’ll see it next time I sign in). I’m sorry for the delay and I’ll approve it when I can.
  2. You commented solely to tell me to visit your blog. No, sorry. If you want people to read what you write, try actually responding to their posts.
  3. Your comment was blatantly racist, sexist, ablist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I might occasionally let a comment like this through to mock it, but many of my readers face this stuff in real life on a daily basis and there’s no reason they should have to put up with more. Yes, this is censorship. No, free speech doesn’t mean you get to parade your various prejudices on my blog. This is not a difficult concept.

Apart from this stuff, I don’t ask for perfect spelling or grammar (because I get that there are situations where that isn’t possible, and because I’d probably invalidate myself as a commentor if I did) but try to be as coherent as possible.
Do try to stay on topic, and if that isn’t possible pay me extravagant compliments to make up for it.

That’s all, I think.