Hello, my name is Aishwarya (occasionally Aisha), and I write about books. This site functions both as a blog and a repository of things published elsewhere.

“Practically Marzipan” comes from Mervyn Peake’s wonderful “I Cannot Give the Reasons“. It’s also the title of a column I used to write, in which I think I proved that I “cannot be didactic/ or lucid” if not the rest.

The blog is infrequently updated, less from noble slow blogging principles than out of sheer laziness. Expect lots of science fiction and fantasy, children’s books (particularly mid-twentieth century British children’s books, which are my current area of research) and Indian writing.

For shorter and more regular updates (mostly about my dog), my twitter page is here. Occasionally I post quotes from and links to things I am reading here. Or you could email me at aishwarya (at) practicallymarzipan (dot) com.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. I’ve just read your A Forest postings and they are terrific. More please!

  2. The Forest posts are amazing. They are the only books I have re-read every two years for the last three decades (since I was 12).

  3. I want to cite your blog entry on the London Jungle Book, in an assignment I’m writing can you mail me your full name? Thanks


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