Of Interest (11 September, 2016)


The World:

Julian Brave NoiseCat and Anne Spice on #NoDAPL, and a history of indigenous resistance. Via Nandini Ramachandran.

Amit Kumar responds to Ashis Nandy’s recent comments on Kashmir.

On Kafila, a post by the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition for Civil Society

Gee Imaan Semmalar on the representation of trans people in the Indian media.

Shereen Abyan on black futures, technology, loss. (Via [I think] Kate Schapira.)

I have arguments with this piece on the trajectories of student protest movements and the burning of a library in Durban, but it also describes dynamics I recognise, so.

Everybody Loves A Good Riot, a multimedia project stemming from the Muzaffarnagar riots, by Aman Sethi, Adi Prakash, Kunal Mehra and Hitesh Singh.

Via Jennifer Marie Brissett, this piece on marronage and the Great Dismal Swamp.

Jackie Wang on the globalisation of George Jackson.

By Ita Mehrotra, this short graphic history of Irom Sharmila.


Books and film and music:

Anvar Alikhan interviews members of Freddie Mercury’s school band, The Hectics.

Via the Racist Sandwich podcast, Shahu Patole on his book about Dalit food.

Gerry Canavan on the Idea of Star Trek.

Suketu Mehta’s new book has had some scathing reviews over the last few days, but my favourite is this one at Brown Paper Bag.

Sofia Samatar’s WisCon Guest of Honour speech.

B. Prabakaran on Kabali, caste, and consciousness-raising.

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