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September 25, 2016

Of Interest (25 September, 2016)

All that really matters this week is Leonard Cohen wrote the most 2016 of songs. Nevertheless, here are some links to things I read.


Art things:

Some amazing work in the most recent issue of Nepantla, via Kate Schapira.

Chenxin Jiang on William Empson and Buddhist art.

Namrata Poddar on visual vs oral storytelling and “show don’t tell”.

Anannya Baruah on Bhaskar Hazarika’s Kothanodi.


Life things:

Lawrence Liang on copyright and the DU photocopying case.Via Gautam Premnath.

Ashwaq Masoodi on food hierarchies, Dalit cusine and “dirty” food.

Louis Allday visits the Imperial War Museum.

Via Kawrage on twitter, Deepa Kumar on imperialist feminism.

James Kilgore on the recent prison labour strike in the US. (via Kurt Newman)


People talking:

Via Kate Schapira again, this conversation between Darcie Dennigan, Joyelle McSweeney and Michael Martin Shea. It’s difficult, and good, and yes.

This interview with Ava Duvernay is about a lot of director-y things that I know nothing about, and it’s fascinating.

Claudia Rankine on her MacArthur grant.

A Q&A by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad with the winners of the Islamicate short story contest, via Jonah Sutton-Morse.

Kate Kellaway interviews Eimear McBride, via Subashini Navaratnam.