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September 4, 2016

Of Interest (4 September, 2016)


Shaun Tan’s new fairytale book is made up of sculptures that are rather wonderful.

This piece on queer precarity in the UK by Joni Pitt (Cohen) and Sophie Monk is exhausting, and occasionally hopeful.

Nayyeema Ismat on queer shuttling–if you read the New Inquiry’s Sunday Reading list (which you should, and all these links are over there anyway) you’ll have seen this in Kitabet’s recommendations last week, but consider this an added endorsement.

More on the Farooqui rape case (see last week’s links); Kalpana Kannabiran on the gradation of assault, carceral feminism, and the Badhwar-Agnes interview (that interview was also published in Outlook, who have probably benefited from all this clickbait).

Via Nandini Ramachandran, this essay by Amelia Schonbek on Madeline Gins.

Hilary Plum on Karan Mahajan’s The Association of Small Bombs: “Ultimately, my complaint about this novel is one that its characters would recognize: I find its narrative of the phenomenon of the bomb insufficient.” Via Subashini Navaratnam.

Mark Summers on Percy Shelley’s lost (and recently found) political pamphlet.

IndiaResists on Friday’s huge labour strike.

Tim Phipps on Star Trek Beyond is weird, and brilliant, and weird.

I missed this when it was first published–Mikki Kendall on Beyoncé’s hot sauce.

Nicholas Dawes on his Indian and South African colonial legacies.

Annie Zaidi on a generation of Indian sportswomen.

Ezekiel Kweku on Colin Kaepernick’s protest, the American flag, and its history in black political protest art.

Via Marika Rose, this interview with Silvia Federici on capitalism, work, class, feminism.


Finally, a tiny self-plug; I wrote a review of a book by Kevin Costner (???) among others.