Of Interest (29 August, 2016)

I’ve been travelling this week, so have done very little reading that wasn’t a) my own conference paper or b) in an archive I’ve been rootling in for another essay. However.


Books, film, TV:

Full text of Perumal Murugan’s recent statement on censorship and attempts to ban his work.

Erin Horáková has this majestic thing on Blakes 7, and what it did and meant, on Strange Horizons.


The world:

Doreen St Félix on the role of racism in Haiti’s cholera crisis.

Shyamolie Singh on a recent interview between Flavia Agnes and Natasha Badhwar, about Mahmood Farooqui’s conviction for rape.

Ballard on Modernist architecture: “I know that most people, myself included, find it difficult to be clear-eyed at all times and rise to the demands of a pure and unadorned geometry.”

Rafia Zakaria on empires’ obsession with women’s clothing, and Musab Younis more specifically on France’s long preoccupation with unveiling women.

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