Of Interest (4 October, 2015)


Books and films and stuff:

I haven’t read Seth Dickinson’s The Traitor Baru Cormorant and I don’t think I’m likely to. But there’s been a discussion about it, and tragic queer narratives, and occasionally empire, bouncing around my internet space for a few weeks now, and I thought this post by Arkady Martine was very good. Also worth reading, this storify of tweets by Heather Rose Jones.

As the possessor of a wobbly accent, I loved Rega Jha’s defense of Priyanka Chopra’s.

Because I’m reading Signs Preceding the End of the World, here’s Yuri Herrera in conversation with Daniel Alarcón.

Shameless self-plug: Me, Ethan Robinson, Erin Horáková and Ben Gabriel talk about Jupiter Ascending and (I think) say some good and entertaining things. They are all great and I want to watch movies with them all the time.

Alejandro Zambra and Matt Nelson talking about opacity, morality, other things. (Are all the good book and film pieces conversations nowadays? I’d have linked to this last week but I was linking to so many interviews.)


Not-books and not-films and stuff:

George Yancy and Paul Gilroy on Blackness in Britain.

Mirza Arif Beg has a photo essay about the bridges of Delhi and what goes on beneath them, and it’s lovely and also makes me homesick.

Ravish Kumar on the murder of Mohammed Akhlaq. Everything about this story is horrifying, but this piece is unashamedly personal and hit me harder than anything else I’ve read about the case has yet.

I’m suspicious of Public Intellectuals but this, by Pratap Bhanu Mehta,  is searing and necessary and … public in ways that feel like they might be important.

Rahawa Haile on being Eritrean, on climate change, on being human and less than human. This is so good and I just want to read it out loud to myself.

Via the Interstitial Arts Foundation on twitter, this amazing stained glass botanical garden in Toluca, Mexico.

This piece, entirely for the line “Indeed so refined were his feelings, according to his daughter Emily Bayley, that he could not bear to see women eat cheese.” Or mostly for that line, anyway. 

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