Of Interest (18 October, 2015)

Empire & Nationhood &c.:

Bruno Faidutti on board games and colonising space (in both French and English!). I like this a lot, and laughed out loud at “Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism was published in 1993, more or less at the same time as Catan and Magic the Gathering”, which is honestly a perfect line. (Via @nanayasleeps on twitter)

Karen Sands-O’Connor eats an Empire Pie, explores the children’s section of a bookshop, and wonders if the empire is making a comeback. “Slaves are labelled, confusingly, as “cheap labour” (111) and the “Indian Mutiny” (otherwise known as the Sepoy Rebellion) started with “resentment” (127) and ended with the British building “roads, railways and postal services” (127), all resentment apparently put aside.”

Amit Chaudhuri would suggest that yes, it is. (Also: “The sight of Snow and his colleagues among teeming crowds, asking Indians what they think of the railways, provoked in me a Goodness Gracious Me-type reverse fantasy, of Indian reporters on the streets of London inquiring into how the English are coping with the decimal system.”)

Abdul Majid Abid on Pakistan’s origin story.

On Exxon and climate change (and don’t tell me this doesn’t belong under “empire”)



I wrote a review! It was of Nigerians in Space by Deji Bryce Olukotun and it was in the Strange Horizons fund drive (donate here!) special issue.

Kenzaburo Oe on Huckleberry Finn and being Japanese in America in 1965.

Isabel Ortiz on the mutable Nancy Drew.

Andrew Leonard suggests that reading Dune might save California. I’m bound to link to this because it’s a long piece of writing about the environment and an SF novel but UM. (I’m fully expecting some amusing shouting to follow.) (via Shruti Ravi)


Film/TV/Visual things:

Jaideep Unudurti talks to Vishwanathan Anand about chess in the movies. (via Rukmini Shrinivasan)

Krish Raghav travels to Mexico City and discovers M.N. Roy. (This is a comic, and it’s great)

How good is Annie Mok at pretty much everything she writes? (Ans: very good).

Will Partin reviews Prison Architect, says good things. (via Ben Gabriel, who causes me to read a disproportionate amount of games-related stuff for someone who doesn’t play them)

Finally, not a link but a reminder that in some lucky countries there is now a new season of Please Like Me and you should watch it, and the first episode is (legally!) on youtube and it is great.

3 Comments to “Of Interest (18 October, 2015)”

  1. Thanks for the mention. Re your piece on Mars, you might also like this: http://www.thehindu.com/thread/technology/article7779855.ece, how a fairly simple chemical reaction in turn unlocked SF exploration missions and so forth.
    Incidentally if you’ve seen TOMORROWLAND, they specifically address the whole thrill for dying Earth/nostalgia & c.

  2. TOMORROWLAND is ghastly! Avoid, avoid – I merely dropped a mention because its central conceit is centred around what you’d said. Clever, but ghastly. http://io9.com/a-new-trailer-pokes-fun-at-tomorrowland-while-being-pa-1731451710

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