Of Interest (11 October, 2015)

(The guess who’s thirty and spending a weekend away with family and cannot be bothered to organise links? edition):

Poorva Rajaram compares various trailers for Suffragette and comes to some conclusions (I think this was written before either the cast decided to pose in the world’s worst t-shirts or the film’s red carpet was stormed).

David Brothers on problematic faves, via Kajori Sen.

A thing I enjoy about this Alana Massey piece is the link’s response to the piece’s title.

Pedro Oliveira and Luiza Prado’s Cheat Sheet for Non/Less-Colonialist Speculative Design is pretty great. Via Sridala Swami.

Zac O’Yeah on India’s four (remaining) Jantar Mantars.

Trisha Gupta on how class operates in Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar.

Kirsten Johnson’s short The Above, via Brendan Byrne.

David J. Schwartz on masculinity and the Nerd Box.

This is a story about an evil sheep. Via the babygoatsandfriends tumblr account.

Rafeeq Ellias on a too-little-known episode in Indian history. Via Samira Nadkarni.


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