Of Interest (27 September, 2015)


First and most importantly:

If you haven’t read Sofia Samatar’s Skin Feeling essay, you need to do so now. I’m a little shattered by it, but in as good a way as being emotionally broken can be. (Will this be the week the whole Sunday Reading crew post the same link? It might be.)


Other good things:

Black Love Post-Death, by Jessica Marie Johnson. “I’m interested in ways #BlackLivesMatter demands a radical seeing of each other — intra-black, infrared, diasporic, futuristic, historic, archived and unimaginable”. (Via Keguro Macharia)

Multiple excellent people saying multiple excellent things on this roundtable on gender and fashion.

An article on femininity and performance in fatshion blogs (link is to a pdf), via @nanayasleeps on twitter.

I love accounts of historical links between Africa and Asia, particularly India. This piece tracing the origins of baobab trees  in India is wonderful.

I was reading through the SH articles archive, as you do, and was reminded of this fantastic Karen Burnham piece.

I am trying very hard not to be charmed by Nell Zink, damnit. “I think Mikki will appreciate how hard it is for women to be feminists in a clinch, especially around strangers. ”

I do not want to not be charmed by Kiran Nagarkar, which is good because he is a delight in this interview. Via Anil Menon.

AnOther’s history of female Afrofuturist fashion.

Morgan Parker’s “If You Are Over Staying Woke”, which I found via Vajra Chandrasekera, is glorious.

Classical pigs. Via Alex von Tunzelmann

Karen Lord introduces Jamaica Kincaid’s “Ovando“.



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