Of Interest (13 September, 2015)

Links! Unsorted this weekend.

One of my favourite authors on one of my favourite books. I’d read anything Karen Joy Fowler wrote, and that she loves The Once And Future King doesn’t surprise me, and also makes me very happy.

Something about this piece by Helénē Schouten feels to me like it should be a short animated film–and there are moments that made me stop and gasp.

America’s Wild West narratives, sheikhs and desert love. I like this Amira Jarmakani piece and simultaneously want to be reading another piece (possibly also by her) that reads the books themselves more closely.

Darren Anderson watches The Wizard of Oz.

Joshua Clover on Children of Men

On The Witch of Clatteringshaws and Joan Aiken’s vision for our future (and where is the essay on The Shepherd’s Crown and The Witch of Clatteringshaws that this blogpost (by the author’s daughter, Lizza Aiken, I think?) has convinced me we deserve?

Luke Bennett on the A380.

@piercepenniless, who I follow on twitter, was suspended by the site recently for quoting Sean Bonney and wrote this in response and it is good.

Dara Khan on war games and gaming in a time of war.

Is Anne Boyer ever not amazing? Serious question.

Tananarive Due on Fear of the Walking Dead and being this culture’s zombies.

Kagiso Mnisi interviews Lindokuhle Ngosi and it’s just a really good conversation.




4 Comments to “Of Interest (13 September, 2015)”

  1. It’s pleasing that such a Pratchett fan as you has picked up on this – I didn’t know how it might be received. Since you are considerably acquainted with both (!) I would love to hear your thoughts on an Aiken Pratchett connection?

    And mea culpa,I still owe you thanks for your extremely enticing review of Joan Aiken’s ‘Monkey’s Wedding’ stories back in 2011 ( under ‘cephalopods’ Readers…)

    Yes, Joan Aiken’s daughter and unashamedly enduring admirer!

    PS Last Slice of Rainbow coming to Open Road EBooks shortly…

    • I’d love to write about Aiken and Pratchett, but fear that I’d need a complete Wolves series reread. (And by “fear”, I mean that I would absolutely love to reread the series and am not sure how I’d ever find the time!)

      Can I ask which illustrations (if any) you’re using for the Last Slice of Rainbow ebook? My own copy has (I think) the Margaret Walty ones, and I love them.

      • Hello, nice to be in touch!

        It was just the coincidence of heroine – two social worker witches – and quite a few other details, of the Aiken and Pratchett posthumously published books, and that they were both written with the awareness that they would be the last.
        All this would make a comparison just of these two books interesting even if one has no idea if Pratchett might have read any Aiken – but her ‘The Witch of Clatteringshaws’ was published ten years earlier, so it seems possible? Would happily send you a copy if you don’t have that one?

        Yes, using ‘Last Slice’ illustrations by Margaret Walty as in UK edition – wonderfully detailed!

        • I’m honestly not sure if I have a copy of The Witch of Clatteringshaws–my books are currently spread across two countries and three houses, and it’s hard to be sure of anything anymore! I’d love a copy, but I suspect the real challenge would be finding the time to reread all of the books, as I’d probably have to.

          The Walty illustrations are beautiful–particularly in The Queen With Screaming Hair, which I love.

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