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September 20, 2015

Of Interest (20 September, 2015)


Okay, the Jalada language issue is HUGE.

In honour of the Strange Horizons fund drive, about which I’ll be doing a proper post soon, here’s a link to a book club discussion from some months ago of which I’m very proud.(You should also read the book in question, it’s brilliant.)

Alexander Chee being wonderful on Elena Ferrante, anonymity and public personas.

Here’s Nino Cipri on what does not look like a great book.

Via Ethan Robinson, Kurt Newman on Graham Harman on H.P. Lovecraft. (‘The knowledgeable reader is no doubt shouting at me: “Don’t go in the house! There’s so much racism in there!!!”’)

Via Gee Brunswick, Uma Narayan reviews Half the Sky.

I was lucky enough to livestream some of the amazing conversations at Ferguson is the Future, but if you missed them (or want to watch them again because they were so good) they still seem to be available here.

Really, really, really looking forward to Karthika Nair’s Until the Lions. Jai Arjun Singh interviews her here (and part II)

Also a good interview: this conversation between Mairead Case and Jessa Crispin.


Sofia Samatar:

Sofia Samatar interviews Sarah McCarry.

Sofia Samatar interviews Fiston Mwanza Mujila and Roland Glasser.

Sofia Samatar has a new story out and it’s amazing.



Ananya Jahanara Kabir on Black Magic Women, via Mahvesh Murad.

Aaron Bady on Hollywood and Africa, Taylor Swift and White supremacy, which is a good piece and also very relevant to my own interests.

… it also works well with Robin James’s piece on “Shake It Off”, here. (Via, unsurprisingly, Aaron Bady)


… Other?:

Sarah Jaffe on the “do what you love” myth feels vital.

How Britain Buried the Brutality of its Colonial Past. Maya Goodfellow at Media Diversified.

Shruti Ravindran’s science writing is wonderful and here she is on hearing (and listening to) voices.

Via Chapati Mystery, this interview with James C. Scott.

Landscapes of Exclusion: Hope Wabuke in conversation with Carolyn Finney, on blackness and environmental movements and existing in the world. This is wonderful.

Sinthujan Varatharajah on carrying his name across borders. Via Amba Azaad.