Of Interest (9 August, 2015)



Jeff VanderMeer reads Clarice Lispector’s Complete Stories.

Ainehi Edoro on Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon (which I wrote about here); this piece says particularly good things about the novel’s claiming of SF for Africa (and this strikes me as a very different thing to the reverse, claiming certain African narratives for SF)

Diana Fuss on Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal and “the interpretive work of being human“.

This interview with Juliana Spahr is short but great and involves a reading. (And I’m indebted to Sridala for my copy of This Connection of Everyone With Lungs a few years ago)

Mahesh Rao writes a sex scene.

H is for Hawk is one of those books I had to keep closing and kept cutting too close and I may link to a million reviews of it and here is one by Dinah Lenney.

If colonialism was the apocalypse, what comes next?


Not books:

Supriya Nair wrote about cricket advertising in India and it is wonderful. I would read anything she ever wrote (I probably have read her shopping lists) but Supriya on sport is probably one of my favourite things in the world. (See also this piece on the football World Cup from last year)

This interview with Elysia Crampton (via Ethan Robinson) is astonishing and beautiful. “[...] not only how to make sense of this split within me, but how to live successfully with such a split, knowing that it goes all the way down, cutting up subjectivities, negating false claims to nativity, erasing naturalities, denouncing binaries all by my mere existing, making everything queer.”

Via Eric Gurevitch, this podcast discussing  societies’ historical relationships with elephants in India and other places. This should probably come under books because Thomas Trautmann (on the podcast) has written one about this, but. Elephants!

Taran N. Khan on wearing and not wearing the shameez.

There’s something deeply gratifying about seeing one’s culture as of the moment.” Navneet Alang on Buzzfeed, virality, cultural imperialism and resistance (I have conflicted feelings about this one).

Prachi Patankar on yoga, Hinduism and cultural appropriation.

Malcolm Harris thinks you should probably maybe stop trying to have sex with robots.

I am so, so glad of Sara Ahmed.Via Kawrage on tumblr.


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