Of Interest (30 August, 2015)

I’ve not done this for a couple of weeks, so this may possibly be long. Possibly.



This conversation between Ethan Robinson and Kip Manley and everything that either of them links to is wonderful (and they are wonderful).

And so Chughtai constantly invites scrutiny”.  Tahira Naqvi, here

M. Asli Dukan gives me the critical term I needed in the White Fantastic Imagination.

Young Black Writers: After Michael Brown (via Kate Schapira)

Slightly in love with Akwaeke Emezi’s prose. Via the Blaft twitter account.

“How did you ever get away with it?” Gwyneth Jones’s letter to James Tiptree Jr.

Aseem Shrivastava on Premchand in the Caravan (Via Chapati Mystery)

Jamaica Kincaid on James Baldwin


Serena Williams:

This piece by Claudia Rankine is the best thing you’ll read this week and I can’t believe you haven’t already, if you haven’t already.

Brian Philips on Williams (by way of Christopher Logue)

Mallory Ortberg wrote commemorative fanfiction of Serena Williams and Drake’s relationship (this is just a very good week for Williams-related writing, okay?)


Neither Books Nor Serena:

Nanjala Nyabola on Europe’s empathy crisis.

Hannah Black on social media, performance, violence.

Europeans attempt to draw elephants (via Richard Palmer)

More elephants! By Arati Rao.

Nadika on online dating while trans (via Supriya Nair)

There’s so much in this piece by Kate Schapira that I want to  yes but at and it’s wonderful.

Natalia Cecire on Apple, Google, modernism and childhood. (Via what felt like half the world, and you’ve probably seen it already, and it’s fantastic)

Kuzhali Manickavel watches some exotic occidental movies.

Bats inside carnivorous plants! (via Kate Schapira) (“where is my mutualism partner?”)

Nilakantan R.S. on the desertification of Tamil Nadu.


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