Suspicious Bulges II

I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that this post (along with a couple about the hotness of Marat Safin) is one of the most searched items on this blog. Still, for those who are here because of it, some further reading on the subject.

This is from Stephanie Laurens’ Captain Jack’s Woman. Laurens writes terrible fatally addictive (to me) Regency romances. I don’t know how much research she does – therefore I don’t know to what degree her statement of the problem below is accurate. But clearly she has also given thought to the issue.

He supposed he should give her some brandy, but he didn’t really want to get closer. The table was a protective barricade and he was loath to leave its shelter. At least he was wearing his “poor country squire” togs; the loosely fitting breeches gave him some protection. In his military togs, or, heaven forbid, his town rig, she’d know immediately just how much she was affecting him. It was bad enough that he knew. (pg 72)

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  1. Having arrived at your blog by accident, the title of this post immediately caught my interest. As a fellow fan of Regency Romances, Captain Jack and Kit, I am taking the BBC Pride and Prejudice as an example of well-researched Regency deliciousness – those were some VERY tight pants. However, the only time we could check the fit, as it were, is the infamous pond scene, when Colin Firth's shirt covers him decorously. Such a pity really.

  2. Plus it would only work if he were feeling particularly…excited? at the time. Firth is a good actor, but I'm not sure he'd be able to go that far.

  3. Her Cynster series was hot! Whenever I start on a book by her, I make sure I have access to more in that series. One's_not_enough. She knows how to turn up the heat with enough detail to make it interesting.

  4. Re research: really not sure about her accuracy. Why did Heyer not write sex scenes? Then we would know for sure.

  5. Ree – The Cynster series is addictive, but I don't honestly think that much of it. I've come to a realisation that (for example) all her sex scenes follow exactly the same trajectory!

    Space Bar – On the whole, I find it easy to accept Heyer's lack of sex scenes. Really.

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