Do you like reading?

Skimming through this once more and this struck me as being rather quotable.

“A woman at one of mother’s parties once said to me, “Do you like reading?” which smote us all to silence, for how could one tell her that books are like having a bath or sleeping, or eating bread – absolute necessities which one never thinks of in terms of appreciation. And we all sat waiting for her to say that she had so little time for reading, before ruling her right out for ever and ever.” – Rachel Ferguson, The Brontës Went to Woolworths

3 Comments to “Do you like reading?”

  1. Lovely quote. So of course now I've look out for the book! The wishlist gets ever bigger. Maybe I need a second job to pay for the books: and that will leave me with no time to read, which might well solve the problem in itself.

  2. ooh yes (despite having *cringe* used the 'no time to read' line several times myself)

  3. Unmana – The book isn't for everyone though. Despite this quote it didn't really grab me, even though I'd heard a lot about it.

    Pavitra – Sometimes the excuse is actually true!

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