Garner love

For many months now I’ve been promising myself a reread of Alan Garner’s magnificent book The Owl Service (and a rewatch of the very good BBC adaptation alongside). I’ve written about Garner on this blog, though never enough to express quite how vital he has been to me, and to how I read.

Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (which I only read quite recently, in 2008) is now fifty years old, and The Guardian have an interview with him up here. And though I’ve linked to it before, here is an essay by Garner that I am particularly fond of.

4 Comments to “Garner love”

  1. Weirdstone was one of my all time favourite books when I was a kid. I treated myself to a new edition recently ( to replace my 'fell apart from love' childhood edition.) But I refuse to go back and read as an adult. Don't want to ruin it with adult eyes :)

  2. As I said, I read it as an adult and it was brilliant. You could *probably* risk it. :)

  3. *Squeaks with fear*
    Maybe – it's possible it and 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' might live up to adult revisits.

  4. Must lay hands on Weirdstone. So Owl Service post coming up?

    (You must read Russel Hoban. Sure you will like).

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