I’m a believer

A couple of weeks ago I was in my car and someone came and tapped on my window and left me this card. I was pleased by it and showed it to people then took it home and promptly lost it. Today I found it again, and I’m feeling much more secure about my life and the world generally.

The back of the card reads as follows:

Person Got Cheated In Love Once Come And Meet 100% Solution only in 10 Hours , As You Wish, Will Be As

Expert In Super Nature Knowledge As:

  • Love Marriage
  • Job Business
  • Marriage Problems
  • Child Birth Problems
  • Various Magic
  • Serious Problems
  • Relief Speciality
  • Get Love of Your Choice

How do I know Guru Sultan Bangali is not a fraud? Besides the fact that he has given me !!!HIS PROMISE!!!, of course. It turns out that he is able to be in multiple places at once – under a different name he has been operating his business in Gurgaon. Only a person of great spiritual fortitude could survive a daily commute from Kalkaji to Gurgaon. Plus, he has business cards, not cheap pink leaflets.

I have great faith in the guru. Trust him with your Serious Problems, and as you wish will be as.

6 Comments to “I’m a believer”

  1. guru sultan bangli-i am his devotee..thivaramana devotee..and see this-http://bit.ly/bWJ2Pa

  2. Oh MY! I wonder if he is related Baba Raja Bangali and Baba Sultan Bangali, who used to advertise in the local trains in Bombay around a decade ago (shit, I'm old!). They also used to offer to solve all problems. Such generous souls. You should definitely feel more secure.

    As an aside, here's a palmist in Bangalore who offers advice on husband, wife, bsiness, outside travel, film song, and other personal problem (sic). Because, yes, of course, film songs are personal problem!

  3. You have changed my life.

  4. this is not correct. business cards are product of evil western cultures. i know this because i am also expert in super nature knowledge but you don't see me tapping on people's car windows and giving them my card.

    maybe i should also start doing this also.


  5. Soin – That picture is glorious, where did you find it?

    Sanchia – Perhaps he is Baba Sultan Bangali – I strongly suspect he's both immortal and omnipresent, so why not?

    Celine – I am glad you have found the Path.

    Kuzhali – Do not say such things. Business cards are the only reason I still go to work.
    I think you should window tap. And also write more about super nature knowledge for the benefit of your fans.

  6. Sanchia's probably got it right, though let me clarify.

    The guy started off as Baba Bangali, graduated to Baba Raja Bangali, then to Baba Sultan Bangali, and ended up with Baba Sultan Khan Bangali.

    A friend of mine is a sincere devotee (I kid you), and has even adopted his name for his own FB profile (I kid you not).

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