Ethics for Reviewers

…And, even after the two men had grown apart, [C.S Lewis] happily fulfilled a promise to the publisher of The Lord of the Rings to “do all in my power to secure for Tolkien’s great book the recognition it deserves.” That included providing a back-cover blurb, two (unsigned) rave reviews in newspapers, and urgent recommendations to all of his correspondents and friends.

Not trying to criticise Lewis or Tolkien here (it is generally obvious when I am criticising either of them), just a wide eyed comment at how different things were “in the old days”. A reviewer who wrote unsigned rave reviews of their friends’ (or former friends’) books now would presumably receive plenty of criticism.

3 Comments to “Ethics for Reviewers”

  1. He did genuinely think it was a 'great book' I assume.

  2. Was it Hugo Dyson or CS Lewis who said, upon attending a reading of LOTR : "Not another fucking elf"?

  3. Celine – From all I've read, he definitely did.

    Jonathan – Pretty sure it was Dyson, though it would make a much better story if it was Lewis.

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