I’ve been following the discussions around the new Patricia Wrede book (The Thirteenth Child) for some time now, and it’s probably obvious where I stand on the issue. But for now, I’m going to post this quote from Wrede, without comment.

I’m currently assuming there will be African slaves, possibly even more (since there won’t be any Native Americans to have already done a certain amount of prepping land for human occupation, nor to be exploited later).

Actually, no. Here’s a comment. WTF?

5 Comments to “MammothFail”

  1. Hey Aishwarya !
    My last comment was on your earlier post – looks like you may have missed it (I am sure you are swamped answering comments!). Anyway, today’s Zeigeist is missing you again – this time no myopia, I swear. Wonder whats the deal.
    Anyways, if you would not mind too much, I would rather mail you than send comments on your blog (it seems irrelevant leaving messages in comments of your wonderful blog not talking about the topic in question!). So do let me know.


  2. Ananth – Yes, I’d prefer it if you emailed (bluelullaby at gmail) – anyway, my column appears once every two weeks. It was in last saturday’s, and shouldn’t be there until next saturday!

    Thene – I know, rite? There’s honestly nothing you can say about it.

  3. Hi Aishwarya,

    I came this way following Mammothfail links, and I agree, WTF???

    But the real reason I’m commenting is to say, off topically, that I saw you are reading Celebrating Antonia Forest, and wanted to say hi to another fan of hers!

  4. Charlotte – Forest fan! Nice to meet you. There’s quite a bit of gushing about her on this blog if you hunt around!

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