1. I have decided to join Blog Every Day April because, well, it’ll force me to blog every day. This is the second day, and I really should have something better to post than an announcement that I will be blogging every day. But I have a deadline to meet tomorrow and this is the best I can do. But I promise that later posts will contain pictures. Some may even be illustrated.

2. In order to help with 1., and because everyone else seems to be putting fiction on their blogs, I have decided to write a series of short fiction based on my search terms. Feel free to leave some of your more interesting blog search terms in the comments, and I’ll have a go at those too. (Also, feel free to join in!)

7 Comments to “Business”

  1. Ive done the post-a-day a couple of times and it does help rhythm and a sense of continuity.

    Should be fun reading fiction bits everyday. Happy writing :)

    The most searched term that folks land on my blog is “should the guy kiss the lower lip”. Am serious. :|

  2. me, the big draw to my blog appears to be “dwarf porn”. most visitors are from turkey.

    now do that post!

  3. my top ones – “disengaged boundaries” and “running wax mounds candles”.

  4. SB: You know, every time I try to do a post on dwarf porn I always seem to come up short.

  5. Yes, if you want :)


  6. Like space bar, I get a lot of hits (from Turkey, no less!) for “Elephant Porn” — this can be easily explained, of course.

    I also get a lot of people searching for “sex with actor vishal” — do with that what you may.

  7. I have no clue but I can offer a slightly less contrived one.
    here goes – “would a tax on beards, such as the one adopted by peter the great, be constitutional?”

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