PIOs and pride

My countrymen (or just the Indian media, possibly) generally make quite a fuss about people of Indian origin, whatever their official nationality may be, who Do Things and Get Famous abroad (except Bobby Jindal, of course; no one wants to claim him).
So why have we never appropriated this guy?

(This surge of musical nostalgia brought on by Queen Em)

4 Comments to “PIOs and pride”

  1. yeah, I always liked that song.

    Jindal, not so much.

  2. this one is funny

  3. I’ve always found it a little confusing when ‘India’ celebrates the successes of a person of Indian origin as an Indian success. I mean, if the person in question also thinks that his/her success is a success for India, then it’s fine. But many times, I’m sure, the person doesn’t identify with India as much as we (and the media) make them out to.

    Completely unrelated: I’m glad you’ve posted so many links to other blogs. Most of the blogs I read today I found through your blog. Thanks. :)

  4. Ah yes,,,i get irritated whenever i see the media claiming the origin of the successful ppl to India ( they dont even have dual citizenship!!).

    Being proud of is one thing.But making a fuss about it each time is uncalled for..

    Btw..i have seen India media making noise when Jindal became the governor of Louisiana??.

    The video was good..:)

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